Container Gardens for Small Spaces

Many people live in the city, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of life yet find themselves yearning to grow a small garden for fresh herbs, some vegetables or even some flowers to help brighten theĀ  mood around the house, or add to your cooking. Even with the cramped lifestyles many people find themselves in, you can still exercise your green thumb by growing several container gardens.

Container gardens are just that, gardens grown in containers such as pots, coffee pots, vases, glass jars, kettles, baskets and planters. No matter what type of container you have, you can easily grow yourself a miniature garden, even in a tiny teacup!

When you get started, you want to pick out plants firstly so you can figure out what size containers you will need. Almost any plant can be grown in a container garden, and even larger plants can be turned almost miniature in a smaller pot (such as tomatoes). After you have your plants and containers, you can decide on the location of your garden, such as a windowsill above the kitchen sink, in the bedroom or even on your front patio. Depending on the light requirement for your plants, you want to make sure you provide them with plenty of sunshine, or a mixture of both so choose a spot dependent on their needs.

As you begin planting your container gardens, try mixing different plants together in the same container so you can achieve a small cascading effect that will add beauty to your garden. Vegetables for example, can me mixed with herbs, bedding plants and vines. Some plants are even beneficiary to each other; all you have to do is make sure they have the same water and sunlight requirement so they can grow perfectly together.

A container garden is a project that can be both fun and fulfilling. You can add a decorative aspect to your home, as well as add a little bit of nature, warmth, calm and serenity. Plant some seeds or some adult plants and watch as your garden provides your home with delicious vegetables, herbs or a spot of color.

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