Start an Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden is the most economical method to obtain fresh herbs for all of your culinary needs. If you have purchased packaged herbs in your local grocery store, you probably noticed that not only are they expensive, but they are not that fresh. Herbs are low maintenance plants and simply require proper moisture and light. One suggestion is that your potted herbs be placed in a tray containing small pebbles and about an inch of water. As the water evaporates, it provides the plant with moisture. Herbs also appreciate being misted on a regular basis with water.

Your indoor herb garden takes up very little space and can be placed on any window ledge with a bit of depth. The best window ledge should be one that has southern exposure for the best results. If you notice that your plants have long stems or that leaves are falling off for no particular reason, this means they are not receiving enough sunlight and you may need to supplement with full spectrum grow lights. You may find that it is better to pot each plant separately so that you can move it around in your home to find the best location for that particular plant.

Herbs are plants that live all year round, but may die off in the winter time due to harsh weather conditions. An indoor herb garden ensures that the plants will survive any change in the weather and will thrive indoors. You can place your herbs outside in the summer months when the weather is hot to give them a boost of sunlight, but be diligent about keeping them watered or they may wither.

Healthy herb plants will grow quite well, and another important part of maintenance is pruning, or harvesting. You should trim excess leaves and stems from your herb plants as often as is necessary. The side benefit of regular pruning is having fresh herbs constantly available.


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