Indoor Herb Gardening – Some Common Mistakes

Novice gardeners make some common mistakes when they start indoor herb gardening. Understanding these mistakes will help you avoid some intimidating situations in the future.  

First of all, know that most novices do not start their indoor gardening with organic processes. In fact, they do not have sound knowledge about organic herb gardens at all. As a result, they use pesticides to disinfect their herbs, spoiling the health of the plants ultimately.

You should use liquid soap or organic pesticides to clean your containers. It is also a great idea to use some indoor gardening kits that include organic soil if you want an organic herb garden.

Beginners do not understand the significance of light and temperatures perfectly, either. As a result, they place their herbs in a cold or dark atmosphere which is unfavorable for the growth of the plants. You should always expose your herbs to adequate sunlight and warm temperatures. Even artificial lights may be used to maintain a good level of warmth.

Overwatering is also a very alarming mistake that many of us do. Before you water, you have to check the soil condition of your plants to understand whether they really require water or not.

It is true that some people stumble at the very beginning to choose the right herbs according to the size and surroundings of their location. Choosing high quality seeds is similarly important. You should choose a renowned supplier and let him (or her) know your preferences so that the person can get you good quality seeds for your desired herbs.

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