Facts to Remember When Choosing Containers

 In container gardening, there is no hard and fast rule of using containers. You can use any container that holds clay. Usually, you see pots made of terracotta that are used as containers. Pots, plastic boxes, wire baskets, window boxes, ceramic boxes – all can be used as containers. However, the choice of container depends on your tastes and needs.  

Many people use container gardening for showcasing their plants and vegetables in their apartments. And many others are driven by their strong desire for beautifying their environments. In both cases, the designs of the containers are important. You must keep in mind that the choice of design reflects your imagination and taste. For example, when choosing a container, make sure that your container will suit your surroundings. A perfect color combination with a good sized container can make your gardening a masterpiece.

You also have to consider the size and the convenience of your containers. Many containers are so large that they require a lot of space; many are too heavy to lift. Yet, while you have to concentrate on the portability and flexibility of your container, you should not choose inner pots for them that may decompose easily. Also, make sure that you have reasonable space for plants inside your containers. The cost is another big issue. You need to choose materials, tools, seeds, starts and other products that are within your budget, but you should not always go for cheaper buys.

Hint: a couple other tips are first, before using a pot as a container, check to make sure there is a drainage hole in it. Plus you must not use any pot or box as a container that held poisonous substances.