Upside Down Tomato Planters

Upside down tomato planters are an interesting an innovative way to grow tomatoes. Like all products, these planters have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hanging planters are an excellent option for any gardener with limited garden space or in living in a restricted environment, such as an apartment for example.  Unfortunately most apartment buildings don’t permit balcony gardens, although pot plants are allowed.  Hanging planters provide people with the ability to easily grow tomatoes without the need for a traditional garden. Gardeners can have access to fresh produce without breaching any building regulations or encroaching on a very restricted garden space.
Gardening can be a very relaxing pastime.   However, gardening is also hard on the body, especially for older people.  Many gardeners suffer from back pain which can be very debilitating and consequently gardening becomes a less pleasurable experience.   Hanging planters can solve this problem.  Once the tomato plant is established in the soil and hung in the desired location there is no need to constantly bend down to tend to the plant.

Unfortunately tomato plants can be rather unruly.  Vines tend to take off in all directions and the resulting plant can become a tangled mess of vines and fruit. Growing tomatoes upside down can resolve this problem as the weight of the plant and gravity work together to make the plant grow more neatly downwards.  Certainly plants will still require some pruning, however not to the extent necessary when grown using the traditional gardening method.

The only problem with upside down tomato planters is retaining adequate soil moisture. Under normal growing conditions the soil will retain water for much longer.  However, because the plant is hanging with the soil exposed to the elements it will dry out faster. Consequently, it is necessary to water the plants more frequently than if they were simply grown in the ground.

Upside down tomato planters are very popular and widely available from local nurseries and garden centres.  Also, if you want to save money they can be easily made with the right tools and materials.

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