Why People Prefer Indoor Herb Gardening Over Outdoor Gardening

Just like other plants, herbs can also be grown indoors. Indoor herb gardening is also helpful if you want to start a large outdoor gardening project. It’s like a warm-up exercise before a 400-meter race.  

Indoor herb gardening is actually easier than outdoor gardening. For instance, with outdoor gardening, you need to fence your garden in order to protect your herbs from bugs. However, indoor gardening is free from all those walling problems. Moreover, indoor herb gardening is easier to monitor. You don’t have to go outside for the maintenance of your garden even during bad weather conditions. You can do harvesting, watering, monitoring etc. – all in your own home in comfort.

Climate is another factor which is responsible for the growth of your plants. Plants grow best at 65-75 degree temperatures. Outdoor gardening may not provide you with the sunlight you need, humidity or other environmental conditions you need all the time. However, indoor gardening enables you to control the weather conditions of your environment. In fact, many indoor gardening kits include bulbs which are designed to maintain different levels of temperatures. And a humidifier can also control the humidity level in your room.

Portability is another top reason. Nowadays, people want things that are light, compact and flexible. With indoor gardening, we use containers to grow plants that can be easily relocated and adjusted to different surroundings. You can open or shut your window to adjust to wind changes; you can change the position of your containers to adjust to the different angles of the sun. Outdoor gardening does not allow you to do all that.

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